Fruit Fly BarPro - Strip & Clip Combo

It’s Our Way or the Fly Way

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The STRIP CLIP is a patented applicator for Fruit Fly BarPro Vapor Strips and can be applied to any clean, flat surface such as walls, under counters, and garbage container lids. The special VHB tape adheres to most materials including cement, metal, plastic, wood and painted surfaces and can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees F. The STRIP CLIP holds the Fruit Fly BarPro Vapor Strip securely in place to provide ‘round the clock protection to spaces where the vapor strip previously could not apply. 1 STRIP CLIP houses 1 Fruit Fly BarPro Vapor Strip.
  • THE NUMBER 1 FRUIT FLY KILLER: Fruit Fly BarPro is the most effective fruit fly control and prevention product on the market. Time controlled vapor technology guarantees elimination of flies, cockroaches, spider mites, gnats, mosquitoes, spiders, moths, silverfish, earwigs and beetles for up to 4 months.
  • TIME RELEASE TECHNOLOGY: The specially formulated plastic strips are activated once exposed to air and slowly diffused for up to 120 days, providing 24/7 around the clock elimination and protection.

  • CLEAN & ODORLESS: Ditch the bug sprays, liquids, and traps that give off chemical-laden odors and leave behind a sticky residue to clean up. The Fruit Fly BarPro works as a solid unit, which means no-mess ease of use anywhere in the drains, mop sinks, and garbage areas.

  • SMALL BUT MIGHTY: Each strip will deliver powerful, effective treatment to a 200 cubic foot (5’ x 5’ x 8’) breeding, feeding, or nesting site of insects. Simply open the foil pouch, place directly above the site, and allow the vapors to sink into every crevice and crack.

  • GET RID OF PESTS FOR GOOD: Investing in a Fruit Fly BarPro means long-lasting results that you can depend on. Each strip eliminates the current infestation and prevents future infestations from any nests or eggs that were left behind.