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Why we LOVE Fruit Fly BarPro


This technology is unrivaled. Our specially formulated plastic strips are activated once exposed to air. Our “no-mess” time released vapors are slowly diffused for up to 4 months providing 24/7 “round the clock” elimination and protection.


Unlike bug sprays, liquids or sticky traps, our vapors are clean. They leave NO RESIDUE on any surface. No mess, no clean-up and NO ODORS!

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What can I say, my home is a constant fruit fly battle 6 months a year. I had made traps in shot glasses from apple cider vinegar and dish soap which worked pretty well but didn't begin to cut down the population. Luckily, I found these bad boys. I bought two of them and put one in a bathroom and they were dead within a week. Now, I have not seen one in 4 months.

Jon Lilley

I have found these VERY good at killing whatever these things are (fruit flies) in a very quick manner. Bring an apple home which is infested with any of the fruit fly eggs and you will have them too! You may have a perfectly clean house. No matter at all. I tape one or two of these hanging off the top cabinets and within a couple of hours.....gone, gone, gone!
LOVE THESE! Now, I keep two on hand for QUICK resolution to the problem and don't have to wait for delivery. WONDERFUL!!!!!

I purchased this fruit fly bar after many efforts to get rid of a chronic fruit fly problem. Every time I thought I was rid of them, they'd magically appear and multiply quickly. This went on for more than 6 months until I found and tried this fruit fly bar. Within 2 days, the fruit flies were gone and they never came back. As long as you replace it after the noted number of months, I'm sure you'll have the same experience.