Fruit Fly BarPro - Foodservice Package - 4 Months of Protection

It’s Our Way or the Fly Way

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Why do I have fruit flies?

Fruit flies have a very strict diet of YEAST, which is abundantly available in most foodservice establishments. Adult fruit flies can enter the establishment through an open door, window or their eggs can be found on produce, boxes and just about anything else that gets delivered to a restaurant. Once inside, the infamous reproduction cycle begins. Cleanliness will help subdue large infestations but will never completely eliminate them, as fruit flies can survive on alcohol fumes alone and do not need much of a food source to flourish.

Feeding and Breeding Sites Within Foodservice Establishments

Anything that creates yeast will become a prime target for fruit flies. They need to eat in order to survive and they also lay their eggs in their food supply. Here are some highly trafficked feeding and breeding sites for fruit flies within foodservice establishments:

- Floor drains under sinks
- Beverage dispensing systems
- Mop closets
- Soiled linen bags
- Garbage areas
- Bathrooms

Throughout the day, when employees and customers are present, fruit flies will scatter throughout the establishment. Once the facility closes and their is no human activity, the flies will refocus on their feeding and breeding sites.

Why Your Traps, Lights and Drain Cleansers Aren't Working

Traps have been around for decades and will catch flies but will not eliminate the problem at the source. Traps just add another feeding site to the numerous feeding sites that are already available within the facility.

Lights are just another form of trap that attracts and catches plenty of flies, but still falls short of completely eliminating the source.

Drain cleansers are great for cleaning drains, which is a prime site for fruit fly reproduction, but will not eliminate the adult flies that are not inside the drain. Drain cleansers also fall short on eliminating the other numerous feeding/breeding sites that are located throughout a foodservice establishment.

Why Fruit Fly BarPro Works

Time released vapor technology. These vapors DO NOT leave behind any chemical residues, unlike sprays. The vapors fill every crack and crevice of the intended treatment space and are UNDETECTABLE to the targeted insect, allowing them to act naturally. Approved for consumer application within foodservice establishments where exposed/prepared food is not present. An incredible 4-hour continuous human exposure limit within the treatment space (EPA approved) where other over-the-counter insecticides require the treatment space be vacated. Odorless and easy to apply and store. Results are GUARANTEED when used properly.

  • THE NUMBER 1 FRUIT FLY KILLER: Fruit Fly BarPro is the most effective fruit fly control and prevention product on the market. Time controlled vapor technology guarantees elimination of flies, cockroaches, spider mites, gnats, mosquitoes, spiders, moths, silverfish, earwigs and beetles for up to 4 months.
  • TIME RELEASE TECHNOLOGY: The specially formulated plastic strips are activated once exposed to air and slowly diffused for up to 120 days, providing 24/7 around the clock elimination and protection.

  • CLEAN & ODORLESS: Ditch the bug sprays, liquids, and traps that give off chemical-laden odors and leave behind a sticky residue to clean up. The Fruit Fly BarPro works as a solid unit, which means no-mess ease of use anywhere in the drains, mop sinks, and garbage areas of your business.

  • SMALL BUT MIGHTY: Each strip will deliver powerful, effective treatment to a 200 cubic foot (5’ x 5’ x 8’) breeding, feeding, or nesting site of insects. Simply open the foil pouch, place directly above the site, and allow the vapors to sink into every crevice and crack.

  • GET RID OF PESTS FOR GOOD: Investing in a Fruit Fly BarPro means long-lasting results that you can depend on. Each strip eliminates the current infestation and prevents future infestations from any nests or eggs that were left behind.