Dumpster Pro Garbage Deodorizer Maximum Strength Absorbing Granules Completely Eliminates Odors and Flies

It’s Our Way or the Fly Way

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Got a smelly dumpster? Let's fix it. Dumpster Pro is a concentrated premium NATURAL absorbent granular containing a specific blend of Maximum Strength odor neutralizers, natural botanicals, and emulsifying agents. 

Dumpster Pro is EFFECTIVE against waste-related odors, typically derivatives of sulfur and ammonia.

Dumpster Pro not only aids in containing spills and absorbing liquid, it also contains a highly effective odor neutralization system to address this class of odors and convert them into odor-free, stable, non-harmful compounds! 

Dumpster Pro is naturally formulated, safe, effective, and Biodegradable. 

It can be easily applied to any surface. For Best Results, simply cast a thin later on the bottom of your empty dumpster or trash receptacle. The amount of use will vary on the condition of the dumpster.